Thursday, July 09, 2020

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind - Kindness

The foreign retired singer was probably most famous for his unusual voice. He started off with a band whose energetic and fun pop music seemed out of place compared to the turmoil in their home country. They had a few hits in a larger nearby country where the singer lives now and were well thought of by critics.  After the band broke up, the singer made several solo albums. The first was moderately successful due to a single written by an American.

After that the singer retired from performing and worked for awhile in the marketing and A&R departments of record companies. From there, the singer, who had a knack for administration and managing projects, moved on to a number of key governmental and non-governmental positions relating to music wherein he tackled issues like licensing and music rights, radio regulations, and censorship. While never elected to any office, he did help shepherd important music legislation through the political process.  Recently, in recognition of his service, he was awarded this very high honor.

Lately, the singer has been very vocal both in the press and in testimony before political bodies about this urgent threat to a natural resource in the country where he lives.  This resource is both a livelihood and a past-time for many.  It could be considered part of the country’s national character.  The singer has been working night and day to build awareness and also fundraising about what could potentially be a huge disaster. 

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