Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Blind Item #4 - Reader Blind

A story of three public figures who held the same A+ list position in their respective states and the dead pedophile….

Public Figure A is someone everyone knows. He went from the A+ list position to holding this A++ position and the sex scandal he went through caused some to try and remove him.  This might have hurt both his number two and a close family member when they sought the same position.

Public Figure B , before the A+ list position, was in an A+ list position in the largest city in his state and held a national position reporting to a Southerner.  He did not serve as long as he could which surprised people as he was notoriously ambitious and disappeared from public life. It came out more than a decade later that in fact he had raped an underage girl repeatedly earlier in his career when in the city position and had been making payoffs to her ever since.  The rape(s) ruined the girl’s life.  The reporter who pursued this story won a prestigious award.

Public Figure C is from a bellwether state.  Unlike A and B, he spoke to reporters openly when accused of multiple affairs (some with wives of colleagues) claiming an open marriage (which was news to his wife).  After his term(s) were over, he divorced his wife for one of his mistresses and held an international position. His personal life is probably why he never tried for the A++ position himself or was selected for the number two position as he was considered highly able and competent.

A’s relationship with the dead pedophile is well known but B and C also knew him through their relationship with this very wealthy individual who gave the dead pedophile his start.

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