Friday, July 10, 2020

Four For Friday - Coincidence?

In the past few months I advanced an argument in this space that there should at least be a discussion that the, at the time A- list singer didn't murder her A list significant other. To entertain the possibility that the A- list singer was used to draw attention away from the real killer/s, namely someone in charge in management or at the record label.

Just as in the first scenario, I have always been a firm believer that the girlfriend of this A- list singer who was an Oscar nominee/winner killed the singer. Much like in the first scenario, I am still pretty firmly rooted in that belief. However, much like in the first scenario, our singer in the second scenario had massive drug addiction issues and was looking to move in a new direction after becoming bored with the music he was making. He was constantly arguing with his label who just so happens to be the same person who was the head of the label in the first scenario. Make it really easy for the world to believe and look at the girlfriend while the real killer/killers walk away.

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