Monday, July 06, 2020

Blind Item #6 - The Actress And The Tiger - Reader Blind

This is a story as old as mankind. The brave war hero brought down by a pretty face. He was not just any war hero. In the opening months of World War II he was one of America's few bright hopes. He almost bombed Tokyo before Jimmy Dolittle. He opened the most important supply line in the world and became a one man air force to defend it.The hero then took command of the remnants of a legendary fighter group and created another legendary fighter group. He was even the favorite of the wife of a foreign leader who spoke with a southern accent. He wrote a book about this in three days. The book is so definitive that it has never been out of print. A movie was made. The war hero became friends with a movie mogul who gave him the keys to his private beach house. There he bedded practically every glamorous actress from the 40s and 50s. Part of the attraction was that he was a genuine war hero, and part of it was that he was very charming.

     In the 1950's he would change his pattern. Instead of one night stands, he has a few steady partners.Sometime in the mid 50s he was accused of misusing government funds to entertain an actress. The war hero chose to resign rather than to stand before a court martial. He did much in retirement. He made many speeches, walked along a great wall, and worked in an aviation museum. It is still a mystery who the actress was. Friends who knew him at the museum said a few who asked were fired. There are a few actresses I suspect, but I cannot prove. Does anyone know?

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