Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Blackmail

If I know about two, then there are probably hundreds. This is getting really serious. Two actresses who do not know each other. They do not even live in the same country. Both are probably B+ list. The kind of place in your career that can take you to A list or, on the flip side, becoming a Hallmark movie fixture.

The British actress is someone who has starred in a hit US show, but is now starring in a hit UK show.

The American actress is someone who has been in the main cast of a long running network sitcom since its inception.

The British actress is being blackmailed about a series of emails that detail her affair with a married man, apparently in very lurid terms.

The American actress is being blackmailed over some photos and videos she had stored in her phone.

The original emails they each received were from the same sender. They were both sent at the exact same time, which leads me to believe this was a mass email sent to many more people.

What do both of these women have in common? They both have TikTok. In fact, the British actress really doesn't use social media at all, and downloaded the app but only used it once or twice, but never deleted the app. 

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