Sunday, January 31, 2021

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind

 A number of decades ago, a film was being made.  It was based on a book that was part of a series written by two foreign authors.  This series is/was very popular in their home country.

The film starred two actors A and B.  A who was Oscar winning/Oscar nominated/Tony winning/Tony nominated is deceased. B who is Oscar nominated is still alive but near the end of his career. Both men were A list at certain points of their career and starred in a variety of films. A’s was most well received work was in comedies while B most often played villains.

The two men had very different personalities and interests but respected each other and became friends during the filming.

However, A had a big problem. He had a lifelong pastime that had become more of addiction and he had borrowed  large sums of money he could not pay back. The people he borrowed from were not the type you could do this to and had already roughed him up a few times, vandalized his home and even broken the arm of a family member.

On the movie set, B, who had a reputation in those days as a bit of a hothead and tough guy himself,  saved A on at least two occasions 1.) First one day when they went out to lunch and he pushed A out of the way when a car tried to drive into him 2.) Second, when several toughs showed up on set, he gave one a beating and they did not bother them for the rest of the filming.   

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