Sunday, January 31, 2021

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind

Trust the Internet to finally expose one of the biggest scams of the last century.   People are finally starting to talk about the ridiculousness of the whole story.

The older of the two women suffered from a mild physical disability and the younger woman who played the bigger role suffered from mental problems due to childhood illness. However, she was not anywhere near as disabled as how she acted in public.  The whole thing was an act so they could rake in lots of money.

The two women, who became lovers, milked all they could out of their “performances” and a book, a stage show,  and a movie followed. The two actresses who were in the movie both won a prestigious award.

These two women made a lot of money off this. The only one who ever really attempted to expose them was a family maid.  She did speak out before she died which has been the main source for the recent online chatter.  

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