Friday, January 01, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Studio 54

August 28, 2020

#1 - This not even a teen yet actress was passed around like candy one night and was even forced to take a Quaalude.

#2 - The one time significant other of this foreign born permanent A+ list singer from a permanent A+ list group that is still performing, used to compete against men in oral sex competitions. People wagered thousands of dollars on these each time she came to the club.

#3 - This at the time late night actor who is now a permanent A list mostly movie actor used to make women who wanted to sleep with him crawl around in the balcony naked on the floor looking for any coke that was dropped by other attendees.

#4 - This alliterate permanent A list singer who now lives out of the country tells a story about this former A++ list singer. Apparently there was a woman who performed oral sex on the singer for an hour and had no luck even getting him erect. Then, one of the male bartenders moved in and the singer finished in about two minutes.

#1 Drew Barrymore

#2 Bianca Jagger

#3 Bill Murray

#4 Tina Turner/Michael Jackson

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