Friday, January 01, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #32

October 2, 2020

I have written about a scenario in the past involving a permanent A++ list athlete. Some more information on that comes from someone who has feared for his life every day for almost fifteen years. When there were finally no conflicts of interest/fears for the permanent A++ lister he did what he had always done and did it with people who were not always on the right side of the law. Many of those people who were not on the right side of the law new the truth about what I have written before. Some of them also had addictions that needed to be treated in rehab. The tipster for this blind also had an addiction issue and went to rehab. While in rehab, he met a fellow patient who had way more information about the backstory of the A++ lister and how the scenario came to be. Our tipster stayed silent for a couple of years and then he went into rehab again and while there met this former A list athlete who was oft troubled. Because he was an athlete, our tipster shared the A++ list story with the oft troubled athlete. At some point after getting out of rehab, our oft troubled athlete decided to do a little blackmail scheme about what he had been told. Eight days after that he was dead. Our tipster had a very good idea what had happened because he knew the background of the person who first shared the story with our tipster.

Michael Jordan/Steve Howe

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