Friday, January 01, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #21

September 10, 2020

This bit player in the Hollywood legal scene has a reputation for doing dirty work for powerful people.  Shockingly, he was just rewarded very openly and prominently for his most recent efforts.

Our player has been friends with a couple of A-list Hollywood serial pedophiles for many years, lets call them A and B.

A had a great deal of power in the behind the scenes business of Hollywood.  B was a A-list director, who was also good friends with A.

A few years ago, some people set out to expose the pedophile ring that A and B were involved with.  Our bit player spared no effort in his attempts to discredit those people, and the claims against his pedophile friends.  While A and B were finally exposed, discredited, and had their careers ended - our bit player's efforts bought them a couple years of highly valuable time to continue making lots of money, raping underage boys, and tying up as many old loose ends with victims as possible.   

During this time, some victims agreed to private legal settlements with A and B.   In other cases, the lives of multiple victims of the pedophile ring came to premature ends.  One was in front of a train.  Another jumped off a building. 

More recently, an A-list celebrity challenged another A-list celebrity for control of a very important and powerful Hollywood organization.  The challenger wanted to make reforms and clean things up.  The incumbent wanted to protect the status quo.

Our bit player contrived a hit piece on the challenger, just before the big event to determine control.  The hit piece claimed the challenger had violated a law in the contest, by falsely claiming the challenger was employed by a film school, for which he was a volunteer. 

The hit piece was so lousy, even the typical industry rag used by the bit player wouldn't publish it.  Our bit player finally got the hit piece published by another outlet in town, just in the nick of time.

A year later, our bit player was rewarded by the organization with a lucrative reward, which will almost assuredly net him multiple six figures per year.

Bit Player  / Reward = Jonathan Handel/SAG Outside Special Counsel

A = Marc Collins-Rector

B = Bryan Singer

Challenger = Matthew Modine

Incumbent = Gabrielle Carteris

Event  / Organization = SAG-AFTRA election

Industry Rag = The Hollywood Reporter

Other outlet =  Los Angeles Times

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