Friday, January 01, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #49

December 17, 2020

I really expected the government of this Western European country to do better. Apparently they have taken the position that as long as none of the residents of their country are victims, then they will look the other way. They have been looking the other way for a long time at the activities of this world leader residing in their country. They think, as long as nothing gets to the public, then this is good business. They think they have a ton of leverage against the leader because of what they know. That is their big miscalculation though. They have no leverage. There can be no leverage when there can be zero opposition in the leader's home country. When there cannot be one word said or written without facing a death sentence. I can say it though. After the horrible food poisoning I got in that country, I am never going back. We are so used to seeing people from all over the world flying to the home country of this leader and sexually abusing their children and adults, but never stopped to think about how many are exported and trafficked, all with the blessing and enabling of the leader. He partakes too, and thinks they are nothing more than property to be bought and used however the owner sees fit. He has also made deals with the mafia in several European countries to help traffic drugs from his country to theirs, and in return they supply him with an endless array of girls boys and adults from their own countries. I do wonder if the establishment where he is staying is also complicit. They know what is happening to the people occupying 30-40 rooms and how when a room becomes "vacant," a new occupant or two shows up the next day.

Germany/Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn/Thailand/The Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl

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