Friday, January 01, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #39

November 10, 2020

This one named singer got his start in a group after sleeping with the wife of the head of the record label that signed the singer. Even though our singer was married, he continued sleeping with the now former wife of the record label. The mistress, not only watched over the career of our singer, but also kept the massive coke addiction of the singer a secret. At some point, the addiction became to much to hide and the singer was kicked off the label and his mistress fired. After he left the group, he had a very promising start to a solo career with a top ten single and some other charted singles and his eponymous album.  

Then, one night our singer called his mistress and told her he needed some money. She brought it to a sketchy part of Los Angeles and paid the drug dealers off. The dealers had been holding the singer's car as collateral. The singer's car was actually owned by the mistress. The mistress went home, but the singer said something to one of the gang and ended up being beaten and shot.

When visiting the singer in the hospital, the mistress learned about the wife and the kids and the other woman who was also supposed to be going to be a wife. The mistress didn't seem to care and kept protecting the singer until he took the advance money from his second record and disappeared. Gone. Vanished into the wind. For over a decade no one heard from him. Then, he showed up, drug free and ready to record. He had a lot of interest and had some good material of his own. Then he ended up shot to death on a beach in Los Angeles. 

Sherrick/Kagny/Raynoma Mayberry Liles Gordy Singleton/Berry Gordy/Motown

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