Friday, January 01, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #17

August 31, 2020

This foreign born wrestler had a nickname of his own and a separate one with his tag team partner who was also his relative. He was also incredibly cruel.

On a west coast trip, he took a ring boy’s soda and drugged it. He then placed the soda back where the ring boy left it. A little while later, our wrestler sat ringside watching the ring crew take down the ring with a smile on his face.

A little while later, the ring boy went into a daze and could only move in slow motion. Our wrestler laughed and walked away. The ring boy wound up passing out in the truck and couldn’t be revived for a long period of time. The rest of the ring crew feared the young man had died. Luckily, the boy awoke and didn’t need medical attention.

Our wrestler used to be  managed by a former wrestler turned manager who was a raging alcoholic.  Despite his addiction to alcohol, our wrestler admired and looked up to his manager. During this period of time, the manager's daughter was involved in a car accident.

The manager was looking to claim a large amount of money from the insurance company (roughly $20,000) but the manager felt that his daughter wasn’t hurt bad enough. That is when the manager approached his wrestling protégé and asked for his help. He offered to pay the wrestler to break both of his daughter’s legs. Our wrestler agreed and the manager drove his daughter to our wrestler's home, where the deed was done.

Our wrestler broke both of her legs from the kneecaps down. The manager collected the insurance money in the scam but his daughter apparently never fully recovered from her broken legs and permanently walked with a limp.

Our wrestler used to wake his then-wife up with a gun to her head, and tell her that next time it would be loaded. On multiple occasions he would also beat her. A wife of a different wrestler said our wrestler would drug and anally rape his wife too.

Our wrestler also once swapped his tag team partner's steroid needle for milk and let him inject it.

Thomas Billingon/"The Dynamite Kid"/"British Bulldogs"/David Smith/"Davey Boy Smith"/cousin/John "JR" Foley/Michelle Smadu

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