Friday, January 01, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #38

October 22, 2020

At first, I really thought Instagram stars were being killed off or kidnapped. It was strange. You would see an Instagram star reach 200-300K followers or more and then they were gone, never to post again. Their pages still there with no activity. Not for just a week or two, but there are hundreds that litter the social media landscape. That is not normal behavior. An Instagram star who amasses such a following inevitably tries to monetize it or gain even more followers. They don't simply just abandon it. Then, recently, a little birdie close to this foreign born permanent A+ list singer let slip a secret. One of the models for their biggest fashion line is fake. A model with many hundreds of thousands of followers. A model who was not in the recent fashion show of the brand. That triggered the conversation. The model who wears the line online, is limited to online because she is not real. There are no videos of her. There are no interactions with other people online. She is the figment of the imagination of her creator and then bought and paid for by the fashion line. When she has outlived her usefulness, her account will suddenly stop posting and she will be gone. 

The same thing happened to all of the other accounts. They are bought and paid for by companies to get eyeballs to the page and then they track the hell out of you and every move you make. Every interaction from every post is monitored. What got the most likes? What got the most replies? What got you clicking through? Then, they perfect and move on to the next model.


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