Saturday, February 13, 2021

Blind Item #2 - Reader Blind

This foreign musician/songwriter who has been around for a long time and made a lot of music is most famous for his studious look and the fact that music critics love his work.

His first marriage was when he was very young. He was unfaithful a lot which ended the marriage. His second marriage was to a younger woman who was also a musician. She cheated on him and eventually left him for another man.  Currently, he is married to a singer/musician who has quite a successful career of her own.

Before the pandemic ,the couple decided to look into swinging to spice up their sex life and were seen visiting several sex clubs in the wife's home country. There is one problem - Condoms are not always effective  and the musician/songwriter has a reoccurring condition which can be transmitted.  His wife also has it which she caught from him.

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