Friday, February 12, 2021

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind

This deceased Oscar winning, Emmy winning A+ in his time actor was known for two other things in the last decades of his life 1.) His chronic alcoholism 2.) His love for the wildlife of another continent.

At one point he maintained a sanctuary for animals in a foreign country.  With him was his female companion a much younger actress who would have greater success later in her career.  At this point, the actress was primarily known for her promiscuity. She slept with many Hollywood executives, directors and other important people in exchange for roles. In fact her ex-husband, who was also an actor, used to pimp her out to further his own career.

The actress loved to dress sexy and wear bikinis around the sanctuary.  The local men who worked there noticed this and as the actor would be out of it by the early afternoon due to his drinking, one day a group of them approached her and a gangbang ensued.

The actress found she loved this sexual experience and later when she was starring in a popular TV show with this bisexual leading man who was her friend, she arranged another. Both her and the bisexual leading man were the objects of attention that evening from many men. 

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