Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Blind Item #6 - We Have More Fish

One more thing.  I think I know the identity of Fishlover.  Back in I think 2015 or 2016 I worked in a pet store in Georgia.  A friend of mine who worked the registers and would assist in the live animal dept when needed came up to me one day in tears and said that this A+ list mostly movie actor had just flipped out on her.  He had come into the store about ten minutes prior and had begun inquiring about fish.  He wanted to purchase a plecostomus, which is a type of suckermouth catfish that can grow to 24 inches long depending on species.  He said he wanted the biggest one we had.  My friend showed him the common plecos we had, which grow to be the largest, but none were more than about six inches long because we receive them all as babies and they're always purchased by customers before they mature.  He began demanding one that was at least 20 inches long, and my friend told him that we simply did not have any that size.  She suggested he go to any of the small mom and pop type fish stores around the city, as they usually have at least one massive pleco suffering in a way-too-small tank.  At that point our actor basically threw a tantrum, whining about how he needed the fish NOW, and as he stormed out he shouted back at her that he would be considering a lawsuit.  Needless to say my friend was very upset. 

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