Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Singer - A Johnny$ Blind Item

This literate teenage singer with the gravely voice hit the scene with a smash hit song. Other hits, though not as successful as his first, soon followed, until forcing the fake gravely voice damaged his vocal cords, and he could no longer sing in his signature style.

While visiting his friend, who was the youngest member of a famous family band, the teenage singer was sodomized by a friend of the family band. This rapist friend was later convicted for orchestrating one of the most infamous crimes in American history.

Teenage singer moves to NYC, and then back to his hometown, where he forms a band that later develops a cult following, and is praised by by rock critics and famous musicians alike. This second band is formed with the help of teenage musician's troubled friend, who was equally as musically talented as the teenage singer.

The second band was bankrolled by a trust-fund kid, who owned his own studio, and created a record label around the second band.

After recording their first, seminal album (one of which songs later became the theme song to a popular sitcom), the troubled musician left the group under circumstances that were never fully explained, not even in a tell-all documentary produced decades later.

The troubled musician died a few years later in a car accident that has been speculated to have been a suicide.

The formerly gravelly-voiced, formerly teenage singer, after struggling for many years, reformed both of his his bands and toured with them both sporadically. He was rescued from a rooftop in New Orleans by a helicopter during the Katrina flooding, only to later die a few years later of a heart attack in a car on his way to the hospital.

The obligatory tributes followed, with appearances by famous musicians. Next came the previously-mentioned documentary, which was well-received at film festivals and on streaming movie services.

However, although the participants in the documentary, including trust fund kid, had no qualms about mentioning  the Troubled Musician's mental illness, drug use, and struggles with his homosexuality, they made no mention of the fact that the teenage singer was bisexual, and certainly didn't mention that the reason the troubled musician left the band was because the teenage singer slept with the trust fund kid, who had an established undercover relationship with the troubled musician by grooming him when the troubled musician was underage.

The trust fund kid in more recent years had turned his record label into a Christian music label, and definitely did not want this bit of information public. Before his death, both the Troubled Musician and Trust Fund Kid had gone through Gay Conversion Therapy associated with a evangelistic church. Also not mentioned was the fact that the bass player of the band left the group after the teenage singer stole his girlfriend.

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