Thursday, October 14, 2021

Blind Item #11 - Reader Blind

The network responsible for running this popular tv show that has had several spin-offs which involves traveling to spend time with a potential partner for marriage hoping no one notices the couple second mistake in a trailer for an upcoming season.

In the trailer was a brief clip of a couple who never appeared on the actual show. The reason?  The male part of the couple had not been properly vetted and had a record of stalking and sexual assault. He had spent some time in jail. He had gone to the country of the woman he had met and  after a couple of unpleasant weeks that should have thrown up red flags for the makers of the show he murdered the woman. For this he was sentenced to life imprisonment in the country of the woman. However, because this is a poor country, the network was able to spend a little money and remove any mention of the show.  There has never been a mention of this anywhere but there are a few people who know about it  on the show and at the network.

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