Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Hidden Away

 It wasn't all that long ago that news broke about a special favor given to this very wealthy man. It was a medical emergency and the government broke every rule it had in place, just to accommodate him. Why? They did it to get him on their side in the battle they are waging with words so far against a much much larger country. They know this wealthy man has been working with the much much larger country and essentially does their bidding so he can make more money. One of the things the wealthy man has been involved with the much much larger country doing is cloning. Oh sure, there was the original crude things the country tried but the results were horrible and even if they did have an unending supply of people from a certain region of the country, it just wasn't worth it. What is worth it though is therapeutic cloning. That has the potential to be worth more money than anything else on the planet and the wealthy guy wants in on it. Now, you still need human subjects for these experiments, and there are plenty of "volunteers." The country doing the favor is worried all of this therapeutic cloning will somehow lead to their downfall, so want someone on the inside who owes them a very very large favor.

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