Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Trouble Maker

 It greatly amuses me to see this second coming of love for this former A+ list mostly television actor. A new generation follows the aging actor on social media and love him. They think he is kind and loving and warm and exactly the kind of person they would want for their grandfather. There was the time he was the lead in an ensemble show and was so hated and reviled by the cast and crew that he was forced out of the show after just a few seasons. The public loved him and was upset that he was gone. The cast and crew partied like they all just won the lottery. There was the time he violently slapped the face of this A- list actress after she stopped sleeping with him and spit in the face of another actress. The same thing that happened at the show I mentioned above, happened at another hit show and another wild celebration was had when he was forced out. Oh, when he was doing a play that he hated, he would call in sick when Tony voters were coming in so the show wouldn't win any awards. There are dozens of other examples of him being horrific, but everyone just loves him now because he is all cuddly. Don't believe the facade.

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