Friday, October 15, 2021

Four For Friday - Celebrity Sexual Assault

#1 - This long time A list writer/showrunner who is married, sexually assaulted this former A+ list mostly television actress who is in the process of a reboot of one of her shows.

#2 - This alliterate A list mostly movie actor has been accused of stalking and repeatedly sexually assaulting a woman during the earlier parts of his career. In a long ago blind, I told you about what he did prior to becoming famous.

#3 - This one named singer/DJ used to be A list. He has always been annoying and horrible. He also sexually assaulted this at the time barely legal A list actress who is probably B+ list now and known to all of you.

#4 - Normally, this permanent A list actress with celebrity offspring and multiple A list exes who doesn't act much any longer won't even admit to being near the former A++ lister. But, if she has some wine and some pot and gets to talking, she will tell you that he held her down and dry humped her while grabbing her breasts. It was at about the time period when she was a "dancer" in a movie.

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