Thursday, October 14, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Hotel

 This particular hotel chain calls itself luxury. They really aren't. They are also one of the hotels named in a class action sex trafficking lawsuit, but also have the distinction of also being named in multiple other lawsuits across the country for the same thing. In addition to this higher end brand they own, they also own chains that are budget friendly. Those are the hotels where you will often find the sex workers who were trafficked being forced to work. The thing is though, they always need a fresh supply of workers. One of the places they find them is in their upper end hotels located in heavily urban areas where it is easy to get someone out and move them quickly. Hotels which usually have lots of street traffic and noise to cover any screams. There is one of their hotels in the capitol that has the reputation for being one of their feeder properties. All of the staff are in on it because they get kickbacks from the traffickers. You are not safe in that hotel. If you are a woman traveling alone, they will make an attempt to get you. If you are a woman traveling with other women, they will try and separate you by making you take different elevators and then will grab the one who ends up alone. They also do the same thing with couples that are traveling together. No one will help you at the hotel. No one. 

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