Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Today's Blind Items - I Know Who - From Reddit

I just made it a blind and removed a couple hints.

I missed when this truth bomb dropped but a reporter is calling other crew from _______________ about the public statement our director made. I worked on the movie too but nobody called me. So I can just say the truth on here I don’t give a f**k and one of the reporters will see it. The ones who harassed this A/A- list dual threat teen actor were the wife of a drug executive and her daughter who was the female lead. They are billionaires who financed the whole movie so the actress could get the role. Worst set vibes ever because that woman and her kid. I spent a lot of time around our actor and they were making him so miserable. He told us nobody warned him that the actress only just turned 14 or why her mother wouldn’t stop begging our actor every day to post about the actress and make her famous using his followers. The actress always cried that our actor ignored her and nobody liked her. Yah since her mom was a monster to everyone and they both tried to fire this woman who the daughter didn’t like. We were all afraid to get fired and could barely do our jobs. Got mad ugly by the end when the mom was always spreading real f**ked up shit about our actor and other women on crew, sexual lies and insults. Our actor yelled at a producer about it but it never stopped. Shit hit the fan when our actor said it would be creepy to kiss the daughter in a scene because she was too young. The director said no problem and changed it to a hug. The daughter freaked out and was crying she didn’t get to kiss our actor. The mom went off on everybody it was the daughter's first real life kiss and they paid for it so our actor had to do it. Our actor looked humiliated in front of us all while we reshot it so the daughter got her kisses. One of the creepier things I ever saw go down on a set. All of us were over it and nobody even our actor went to the wrap party as a f**k you to the mom. There’s other stuff too but people just need to know it was the mom before working with that family again. I actually felt sorry for the daughter sometimes she acts nice and sweet but it looked like she was already learning to be an rich asshole like her mom. They should be ashamed for how treated everybody but especially our actor.

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