Thursday, November 04, 2021

Blind Item #2

The star studded line up begins a press junket complete with red carpet premiere. Unfortunately one of the 'plus ones" there believes this is a premiere for her. Just like the overly ambitious wife of the male lead- his real life wife is using the event to try to get press by standing next to the A lister in most of his photo calls.  She's had  a big make over too.  She demanded to be dressed similar to the fashion elite at the event who don't have to ask for couture. 

This is her first film project where she has more than a few lines after more of a decade trying to break in.   The NY based former uptown girl was listed as a co-star since 2019 when the film wrapped.  Released to the media today it announced the film will be seen in theatres in 2022 and now is calling her one of the stars. Remember, we told you she's been demanding her A list husband  help her with her career.  Now he has to pay the price for her being quiet.  Never fear his personal team including his groomer will always be within 20 feet of him to keep the couple on their best behavior since the couple had some major slip ups last award season.

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