Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Today's Blind Items - I Didn't See Anything - Anniversary Month

This actress peaked at A- list, but she was A- list for a long time. I think she is still A- list, but if you ask her, she would say she is B+ list at best. She is super sweet and one of those people who what you see is really how she is. She had a movie franchise and two massive television hits. She is still on television constantly, but the shows she is on, are not massive hits. Anyway, about a season or so before her first big television show ended, she had a party at her place. It was either an engagement party or just after she got engaged. At the party were several of her co-stars on the show but not that many. It was a very crowded party. The number of people exceeded the amount of space in what was a fairly small space. It was super hot and just too crowded for me, so I made my way to the back door because there was a mass of people between myself and the front door. I figured, hey, I will go out the back door and work my way to the front of the house. I didn't know it would work, I just assumed it would. So, I exit the back door and there is no one in the back yard, which was also small. It is dark outside and there is one small light for this back patio area, but nothing else. It is really hard to see if there is a way around to the front. I finally noticed there is a path on one side of the house which allowed you to take the garbage cans from the back of the house to the street in front. I can't see much, but I decided to head that way. I am not being particularly quiet. It is not late at night, just dark, and the sounds of the party were very loud. The sounds coming from the party may have been the reason the couple heavily making out and groping each other on the side of the house didn't see me coming. I didn't even see them there until I was about two feet away. When I saw them I said something like, "Sorry. I just need to squeeze by." It wasn't until I got right next to them that I realized it was two co-stars of the host of the party. One was an A- list actor who was married, and still is, although a serial cheater and the other was an A- list actress who was not married but was about to be married to her now husband. Yikes. I just moved along and have rarely mentioned it in the intervening years.

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