Monday, November 01, 2021

Blind Item #9 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

The driver was sometimes sent to deliver packages. One time he was sent after dark on a rush job to take a script from Beverly Hills to an actor’s home in Topanga Canyon. The script was for the A list actor who recently keeps getting into trouble groping women at bars. It was after 10pm when the driver arrived to actor’s hilltop home atop a winding canyon. The driver buzzed the intercom and after a few moments the actor appeared dripping wet in a towel with a noticeable bulge between his legs. The actor smiled and was very friendly,  almost flirty with the driver. “Oh sorry, I was in the jacuzzi,” the actor said, taking the script. The two had a weird moment of eye contact. “Well, I’ve got to get down to LAX,” the driver said, wanting to get the hell out of there ASAP. 

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