Friday, November 05, 2021

Blind Item #7 - Murder In New England - Part 9 - The I Don't Know Kid

The tipsters first language is not English.

The prosecution was seeing their case fall apart in front of their eyes. There only hope was the girl. They knew the problems they were going to have. According to the prosecution's version of this crime, this little girl is more guilty of murdering the husband than the widow was. The little girl looked for a firearm, made the decision to that led to the murder and covered up for the crime. Since then she has accepted bribes. In her young life she had already committed more felonies than many adults.  The boys had failed the prosecution. Can the "brave little girl" save the day?

 Her testimony was bland. There were no great dramatic moments, but no great mistakes.  The answer for most questions was "I don't know," or "I don't remember." These were safe answers even though they made her look evasive.

The highlight of the trials were the tapes.   The general public got to hear the tapes. The tapes were of poor quality and hard to hear. Not one condemning word was heard on the tape. The defense lawyer did not challenge it because the arresting detective had already stated under oath that the tapes were edited. They should not be allowed in court.

The I Don't Know Kid's testimony did not help the case, but it did not damage The court of public opinion was a different matter. The public saw this as a remake of the Bad Seed movie and the I don't know kid had the Patti McCormick role. The public knew a violent criminal and she would be shunned. She would leave the state as soon as possible and not return for 30 years.

She disappointed the media. The media decided to focus on the tapes. They called the "Tapes that prove that she is guilty." This is not true but if you repeat this a thousand times, you will believe it.

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