Monday, November 01, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Crazier & Crazier

Everyone knows that the billionaire used people to get what he wanted. He especially liked finding European royalty and having them compromised or owing him a favor. There is also the question of how he got his first big stake of money. Prior to the Ponzi scheme embezzlement, where did he get his first big chunk of cash to make himself look good. He found an actress who is also royalty in the loosest term possible. They had a torrid romance before he decided she could make better use of her skills as an actress with a man who had a lot of money. The man did have a lot of money, but it was from very ill gotten gains. The billionaire loved that because it would keep everyone quiet. Even though the bad stuff was happening in the US, the men behind it all stayed primarily in Europe which allowed the billionaire to come into contact with that man who ultimately would be his guide. Here is a very interesting question. The man who had the ill gotten gains was busted by a tip. Did the billionaire give the tip to avoid getting ensnared? Is the billionaire the father of a child of the actress? The same child who has made headlines several times over the past few years.

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