Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Today's Blind Items - A Brief Foray - A Johnny$ Blind

Setting: High School classrooms across America, Fall 1990 - Spring of 1991

Channel One News was a paid advertising program marketed at public schools. In exchange for TVs in every classrooms, schools would air Channel One's 20 minute news program every morning, which also featured heavy advertisements. High school students were very surprised when the daily "news" reported a story about a then A-list rapper and aspiring TV actor who announced he was gay. The report contained a short video of the rapper/actor stating he was gay to an interviewer. Given the culture at the time, this admission was extremely dangerous for the actor/rapper's career. National and local news outlets, both print and broadcast, also ran stories on this admission.

Within 48 hours, the rapper/actor reversed course. He stated he had misunderstood the question. The story soon died down, and he grew in popularity. Any evidence of his brief time out of the closet is hard to find. You won't find the news articles on the internet, nor the interview on YouTube. This may be due to his alleged affiliation with the cult which can make things (and people) disappear.

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