Friday, April 01, 2022

Four For Friday - James Bond

All of these involve an actor who has played James Bond. You just have to decide which actor.

#1 - This Bond continued to see his ex well into the marriage to the women he cheated on the ex with. When he would visit his ex for sex, she would charge him $10K. She says she made $2M in three years which means he was visiting her more than once a week.

#2 - This Bond slept with most of the Bond "girls" he worked with as well as hundreds of other women. He did all of this while married. He always said though, the best sex he ever had was with this foreign born three named actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee. He was convinced she had "professional" experience.

#3 - This Bond once beat up a man he thought was trying to hit on him. He beat him so badly that it cost the actor nearly $500K.

#4 - One of the more quiet Bonds, this actor had a threesome every night for a year with one of his more famous exes. 

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