Thursday, March 31, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Reaction Shot

It is nearly the anniversary of this incident and at some point, I do hope the perpetrator will come forward publicly and explain why he did it. I know why he did it and several others who set up the cameras and sound know what happened and why. Our director wanted to film what would happen if dozens of people were given drugs at once and how they would react not just individually but as a collective when they realized that other people had been given drugs too. This was not an edible. These were hard drugs and the people had no clue. The director said it was for human reaction, so he could make better movies and understand things about his craft. It wouldn't shock me, just because of the nature of the experiment and how well it was covered with cameras and sound, that a government agency may have foot the bill and why it has been so hush hush all these years.

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