Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Picture

I don't think anyone will actually be able to name the musician. If you do, then you get all the bonus points. He was A list for sure, but only locally to the area where he lived. The picture though was going to be his chance to become A list across the whole country, or at least where he was allowed to play. There were supposed to be 58 people in the photo to match the year. Instead, they ended up with 57. What happened to the missing person? It is not explained in the documentary surrounding the picture and how the people ended up in the picture. All of the people in the picture were A list. The biggest of the big. Our musician was the missing person. The night before the picture was taken he went out with some friends and ended up partying all night with them. He overslept and didn't even bother trying to make it to the shoot for the picture, although it turns out he would have had the time to make it because they were running super late. Because he didn't show up, none of the other A listers thought he took his career seriously and no one would hire him to go on the road with them, so he was forced to continue working locally and ended up dying of an overdose a couple of years later.

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