Monday, July 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #11

January 27, 2022

Several years ago the it thing to do was to play a certain game online. Everyone was playing it. You also knew they were playing it because it led to some very strange situations in parking lots and on the sides of roads. People still play it, but the frenzy is not there. That game was the brainchild of multiple governments. Not the characters, but the game. The "company" behind it was given unlimited access to the accounts registered in the app. Every single person. Every single piece of their information. This was allowed for the first 60 days and then after that would be shut off because the breach would be "discovered." The GPS data was never turned off though and now these governments knew which people were where and when they were there.

It was so successful at tracking people that another government decided they wanted in on all this access and monitoring and later that same year launched a social media platform that is worldwide and tracks hundreds of millions of people daily, all over the world.

Pokémon GO/Niantic/TikTok/China

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