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Blind Items Revealed #13 - Old Hollywood

January 24, 2022

Most of the time in this space you I write about horrible stage parents and how they just want their children to succeed so the parents can be rich and famous too, or at least the rich part and live vicariously through their kids. This is not always the case, but the exceptions generally occur when the parents are already successful and have their own careers and can therefore be parents rather than friends. 

More often than not, problems have occurred when there was no money in the family and the child actor or actress was the sole source of income for the parents and were then given wide latitude to do what they wanted and when which often leads to horrific outcomes. 

One exception to that rule that I can think of is this A- list dancing actress. She and her mother moved to Hollywood after they caught her father in his marital bed having sex with another woman. The only thing he did for the actress was provide her a document for the movie studio showing her age as 19 (when in fact she was 13). Her mother was deaf so she was unemployable. This could have turned into one of those horrific situations, but it didn't because the mother was extremely hands on and extremely strict. There was no looking the other way and was the kind of stage parent one hopes all parents would be. 

There was tragedy in the life of the actress. She was frequently beaten by one of her husbands and when she refused to get an abortion, he waited until she was about 7 months pregnant and threw her down a flight of stairs. Her daughter lived just a few hours. 

Ann Miller

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