Monday, July 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #19

February 10, 2022

Normally when a tip arrives about this actor, it ends up just in the regular blinds. Even the one which has produced podcasts and streaming documentaries because of how jaw dropping it is, still was only a small blind. This one is fascinating enough to me to make it into the big blind. It is not really even about the actor, although he is the one who paid for everything to make it happen. That is unless his significant other managed to get money from the group I alluded to earlier in the blind. 

Anyway, a short three years after this short film was shot, it is finally getting a premiere. I know it is not the costliest short film in history, but the significant other wanted so much to be the star of it, which she isn't, that she spent tons of money to get her way. No, she couldn't be the star, but she could get different posters made that made it seem like she was the star, so she did. No one had the money to pay for them other than her. Looking at IRS statements, it appears that well over $200K of money that she and the actor asked for from fans to support their charity actually was equally divided between a salary for the director of the organization and a trip to the middle of nowhere to read the script to troops. I know. Well over $100K that fans contributed was spent on ridiculousness, just so she could appear to be a big shot who can pay for everyone to travel first class to the middle of nowhere. 

So, now they have a theatre she paid for or the actor most likely and have rented it out and changed the poster to make her look like the star and added her name to the poster because it wasn't on there before. She had the other actress removed from the poster. Oh, and now wants fans to contribute even more to the foundation so she can do it all again.

Adam Driver/Joanne Tucker/Give Or Take/Arts In The Armed Forces

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