Monday, July 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #21

March 1, 2022

It was kind of the perfect storm. This foreign born A- list singer/judge/reality star in her own country and who most of you will not know, had been busted cheating with a singer who was married. Oh, not the one named A- list singer you know. I mean, yes she was hooking up with him and yes, he was still married, but his wife had been cheating on him with a possible accessory. She needed some positive PR and was judging a show in her country. How to get all of this stuff out of the headlines? Have herself a fake relationship while she is still hooking up with the one named singer and keeping it quiet. She settled on this A/A- list singer all of you know who was looking to make a name for himself after being part of a group. He wanted to show the world he was ready for the real world. The only tiny problem in all of this is that everything had to wait until he actually did turn 18. Even though it was fake, the last thing she needed was also to be called out for being with someone underage. The relationship lasted as long as the season of the television show. They never spent one minute alone. Someone would document their "relationship" and feed it to the press while she shared the bed of the one named singer. It was a quite impressive display by her publicist, who really should get more credit.

Delta Goodrem/Australia/Seal/Heidi Klum/The Voice Australia/Nick Jonas

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