Sunday, July 03, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #26 - Reader Blind

May 29, 2022

This A- or possibly B+ list former politician is rumored to be the real author of a cynical, brutally worded book that discusses his life in politics. The book is in many ways unremarkable; he writes about the deeply incompetent and immoral nature of government in America. Everyone and their grandmother knows that by now. What's more remarkable is, first, how the author candidly admits that he was fully part of the problem, and second, the author's attacks on the American people themselves, describing them as naïve, ignorant, self-absorbed, sheepish, unintelligent, apathetic, and too concerned with instant gratification to do what's in their nation's best interests. 

The politician has denied authorship, but one of his staff members is on-record as saying the complaints in the book are identical to the complaints the staff member heard from the politician. Making his denial even less believable, the politician is a published novelist and, in his post-governmental career, has become the owner of a bookstore. 

Politician: Steve Israel (U.S. Congressman from New York, 2001-2017) 

Cynical, Brutally Worded Book: "The Confessions Of Congressman X" 

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