Sunday, July 03, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

January 10, 2022

The driver picked up the producer and his boy toy at a mansion in West Hollywood and was to take them to a concert at the Greek Theatre by the permanent A list knighted singer, wait for them and bring them back. The driver does not remember the name of the producer, so anyone’s guess may be right. If the producer reads this, he will know. The producer was in his fifties, tanned with dyed brown hair, and his date was a handsome blonde in his early 20’s. They both wore sweaters tied around their necks. The producer was a big shot and referred to the driver as “driver” many times, while he spun tales of the movie business, dropping name after name to impress his date. The star-struck youngster hung on every word. The driver dropped them off at a special VIP parking lot behind the Greek and waited. The driver could hear the iconic pop hits coming from the amphitheater.  It was almost as good as being there. After a couple of hours, the concert ended, and all of the cars began leaving. After another hour, the driver was alone in the big parking lot looking down at the twinkling lights of the city.  Dispatch instructed the driver to another VIP parking lot.  He drove to the other lot and there was another stretch limo parked there, running. The driver pulled beside it and waited for another long hour. Finally, the producer and his date emerged from the other limo looking disheveled and got into the driver’s car. They were giddy and drunk. “Take us home,” the producer ordered. The driver began driving as the producer and his date whispered breathlessly. They had been in the car with the permanent A list singer. The driver noticed another car following them out of Griffith Park. As he kept driving, he was sure the car was tailing. They probably thought the singer was in the car. “We’re being followed,” the driver alerted the producer. “Lose them,” the producer shouted. The driver went into full McQueen mode and barreled down Franklin at over 75mph with the car right on his tail. The light from Franklin to Highland was yellow when the driver entered the intersection turning left, skidding sideways onto Highland, violently throwing the producer and his boy toy across the back seat of the car. He did lose the tail. The producer and his date were scared silent the rest of the way home, and the driver was smiling inside. The producer didn’t even say thank you as he and his date skedaddled out of the car. The driver saw the producer with a different young dude years later shopping for sweaters at Fred Segal. The producer eyeballed the driver suspiciously as if he remembered him from somewhere. 

Elton John

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