Monday, July 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #34

May 9, 2022

Last week I wrote a blind item about an actress who thought she fell into a timeslip of some sort. That item prompted one of my friends to remind me about another actor who has spent decades trying to time travel. I'm not really a fan of the actor and he is usually described as a disgraced former A+ list mostly movie actor. When our actor was at the peak of his fame and had more money then sense, he spent a fortune to buy something that people question whether it exists or not. The reason that no one knows is that our actor bought it from someone about a year before that person died. When that person died, the world went looking for the machine he invented. They couldn't find it. That is because the actor had it. The actor had long been friends with the person who died and even had the friend act as a consultant in building the church that is on the property of the actor. The actor has owned the machine for nearly three decades, but does not appear to have any luck making it work because he probably would have gone back in time and changed things he did.

Mel Gibson/Chronovisor/Pellegrino Ernetti

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