Monday, July 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #38 - Old Hollywood

May 25, 2022

This is a tough one. I doubt many people have actually heard of this foreign born actress who actually performed in silent films and then made the transition to talking films. The transition was not easy. Her accent was thick, but she used it to her advantage and made a career of being the exotic villain. Her career was not enough to make her rich. Yes, she was popular and became well known for her roles, but she was never a leading lady. She needed to supplement her income and she found a way. Because of the roles she took, she was a mainstay in horror movies and took advantage of that by recruiting young actresses who starred with her. These were not ordinary actresses. These were all actresses who were little people. With the exception of a handful of those actresses, most could not earn a steady living acting. So, our foreign born actress pimped them out to men and women and made a fortune. She made far more money exploiting the little people than she ever did acting. It is how she managed to build a massive estate for herself out of the country when she retired. 

The people that were hiring these little people were willing to pay a lot of money. Our foreign born actress also had what she called a family special. It was pretty sick, but made her a ton of money. She would offer up a family of little people which consisted of three girls and a boy who were famous, but not famous enough to not need the money. Those four once wrote a manuscript about their experiences and was supposed to be published a couple of decades ago when the youngest one died, but it never happened. 

Olga Baclanova/The Doll Family

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