Monday, July 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #40

June 7, 2022

One of my favorite stories this A list celebrity (H) ever told me was about a night that happened 25 years ago. He first mentioned part of the story to me shortly after the death of one of the participants who was also A list (S). I knew they had been unlikely friends, but the first night they hung out is what made them friends. The two A listers could not have been more different, until you stop to think about it and realize they are exactly the same. I told this to H multiple times. They were both in marketing. They both had products to sell and always needed to expand their base to keep it growing when others dropped out. They also tried to find as many revenue streams as possible branching from their origin company.

Now, were they polar opposites politically? Definitely. Was S a hypocrite when people were not looking? Definitely. So, on that fateful night 25 years ago, H was not sure how he and S would get a long and arranged for S to be ensnared in multiple gotcha type situations to use to the advantage of H. They were not needed. The two hit it off and after their joint appearance, they headed to H's house. H says it was the only time that S went to the house. Every other time, they hung out at the offices of H because S felt more comfortable there. It was harder to explain away being at a house partying than a business meeting at an office which was also partying, but on the face looked better.

That first night, they decided to ride in H's limo together. H could tell that S was a drinker even though he pretended he was not. Shortly before they got to H's home, he broke down S and he began to drink. H was sober although he did slip from time to time. That night, H gave S a tour of his some and could tell S was horrified but intrigued too and was letting the booze get to him. As the tour ended, H had arranged for a few women to entertain them. The women that were supposed to gotcha moments instead were brought to the house and danced.

Here is the ultimate crazy part. The thing that made H so devious. One of the women stripping had become famous a decade earlier for bringing down a man very similar to S and here she was, giving S a lap dance and offering to do way more. S didn't know how to act throughout all of this, but never removed his coat and tie and didn't indulge, which can't be said for an offspring of S. H was impressed that S didn't freak out and run and also wasn't going to get caught in some type of compromising position. It cemented their friendship.

 Larry Flynt/Jerry Falwell/Jessica Hahn/Jim Bakker/Jerry Falwell Jr.

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