Sunday, September 04, 2022

Blind Item #6

Speaking of athletes with paternity secrets, these two are and were permanent A+ list in their corner of the sports world. One is deceased, the other is not and still performs to this day. They are often assumed to be foreign born, but both were born in the States. One has an offspring who has also entered the nearly sport, and he is the focus of this blind.

A few decades back, the two athletes were feuding and the paternity of the offspring was brought into question with the now deceased athlete/entertainer claiming that the offspring was his son and not the other's. Most of the angles in the nearly sport are scripted, but some are rooted in reality. This is one of them. Tell me the offspring does not look more like the deceased permanent A+ lister. The offspring "turned on" his supposed father recently and the question over his paternity will be brought up again, as part of the feud.

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