Friday, September 02, 2022

Four For Friday - One Offs

#1 - This foreign born former A+ list soccer player turned announcer is ready and willing to discuss a certain night nearly twenty years ago and what exactly happened between he and a certain reality star, and who was brought where and under what circumstances and all about the special friends there too. 

#2 - This A list actress got pregnant a few years back and had a very difficult time trying to figure out whether it was her husband who got her pregnant or her lover who had his condom slip off inside her. She actually got a DNA test after the birth. She isn't married any longer which should tell you something.

#3 - This former A- list actor owes people a lot of money. What he hasn't told police is that he met with an actress shortly before her death.

#4 - As recently as two years ago, this A list Middle Eastern journalist in a country not known for their niceties to the free press, wrote an expose' about the former leader of a different Middle Eastern country. This former leader took bribes and kickbacks in exchange for help for troubled foreign banks. The article also exposed how the former leader and a deposed/murdered leader of a separate Middle Eastern/African country teamed up with the foreign banks in an attempt to take down the country where the reporter of the article lives. 

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