Thursday, September 01, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Threat

This A list mostly movie actor has a friend. A friend most of you know. Does the general, supermarket tabloid reading public know? No, but the name of the friend might trigger something in their head from a long time ago. The friend has always been a bit wild with the actor's money and always been a bit wild when it comes to substance abuse. The actor cuts him off from time to time. One of those times was in the not so distant pass. The friend was ticked and ran off and talked to law enforcement about some things and the next thing you know, there are people  being arrested worldwide. It was not lost on the actor who the person was who caused that. It is also not lost on the actor there are other things he does not want shared publicly. Much like people in Russia who suddenly fall out of hospital windows, don't be shocked if this friend ends up dead before the end of the year.

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