Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Two Weeks

Two weeks ago today, a report was released by this world governing agency. As with most reports from this agency, you have to read through hundreds of pages of nothingness to get the real story. Essentially, they recommend that all children be given chip implants and the most effective way to do so is to make it not only a requirement entry for schools, but also any activities they engage in with other children. Think sports or after school clubs.

Who cares what this global body thinks right? No one will follow their lead. Well, here in the US, the organization that is at the top of the pyramid for missing children is 100% committed to doing it. They think, much like with pets and cars, it can help find children who have been kidnapped by parents. That is a very noble reason for wanting to do so. The real reason are their financial backers. The biggest names in technology and short term housing??!!?? There are also clothing companies that are huge backers. The wealthy surfer has suggested that different categories (read ages & sex) have different chip information. The company wants to take the lead on it and thinks they have the reach into worldwide households to get parents on board. One of the things that company wants to do is identify children with parents and those without and information about parents and schools. 

The leader of the short term housing company says it will be able to send kids home to their parents and that their short term housing will not be used as a house in which to hide missing kids. What they are really saying is if the chip shows you with parents who will cause a bunch of trouble, you will be found and sent home, but if your chip shows no one will care or come looking for you, then no one will help you and there will be no complaints filed against the company.

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