Friday, November 04, 2022

Four For Friday - Top Four Drug Stories From Vixen - Anniversary Month

These are stories that have not already been shared here.

#1 - When she was still in her teens, this former nighttime soap actor, who had yet to land that role, was always hard up for money. If they wanted to party, they had to get money from somewhere. Usually, they would go to a club, where Vixen would rub up against some rich guy and after a few drinks would offer to get topless for the guy for some money. The actor would go to a gay club and do the same thing.

#2 - She once went out with an actor who has starred in multiple movie franchises. He was very straight laced, but this was during a period when she was doing a lot of blow. She would do it anywhere and he always freaked out when she would do it out in public. One night she was doing it in his car, and he hit a bump and the vial in her hand broke and it went everywhere. He lost his mind. He threw her out of the car, and wondering how he would explain it to the police if he was pulled over. 

#3 - One time she was filming a movie in downtown Los Angeles, and she and her A- list actress co-star were desperate to score. They had no money. Then, they ran into a guy who once had dated the A- list actress and still had a thing for her. The actress "borrowed" $1K from the guy, and promised to come over later that night and sleep with him. The guy died in a car accident that afternoon.

#4 - This latest set of stories came about because of the actor with the book who apparently could never get it up because of all the drugs he took, so she would have to fake how good the sex was, and told his friends how amazing he was in bed.

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