Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Drug - Anniversary Month

I need to be clear right upfront that I never actually with my own eyes, saw the actor do what I am about to describe. Several friends of the actor though have relayed to me over the years essentially the same story they each described to me separately. I also don't know if there is causation, but I will lay it out for you and you decide. 

This actor is A- list now, and I have personally seen him do a wide variety of drugs. I have seen him beyond wasted and still try and find someone to take home for the night, even though everyone knew he would be passed out before he made it home. More than one woman has been awakened by him in his living room or guest bedroom in the morning and asked who they are and how they got inside his home. 

His temper is legendary and his cheating is never ending. His actress wife left him because of both. Before he got married though, he was single and always partying and looking for a good time. When he wanted someone that night, he would head for them and many times, he was successful. It was the nights that he was not successful, that the trouble began.

According to those who knew him, in those early years, he would have some coke he kept in a different vial from his regular vial. He called the vial his leg spreader. Two of his friends believed the coke was laced or cut with some kind of medicine used to tranquilize large animals. He got it from a friend who was a vet. He would invite the object of his attention to do some coke with him and within 5 minutes they would be out cold. In the intervening five minutes he would either take them to his bedroom or his car.

The friends know of at least a dozen women that he did this too. No one knows what happened to most of those women, or if there were more. They only know of the dozen or so. The crazy thing is, and this is why the first one reached out, is that all of the ones they know of that are still around, all have developed MS.

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