Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Bookstore - Anniversary Month

Way back when there was still a Borders in LA, I was in it one day in the cookbook section of all places. I love to eat and I love to cook. There was a young woman who came into the section. I was seated on the floor, because there were no chairs. A couple of minutes later, she was seated a few feet away and we started talking about recipes and books and magazines we liked and had a really great conversation.

Fast forward a few weeks later and I am at some party, and the same woman walks up to me and asks if I ever made the recipe we had been discussing. I told her I was going to do it the next day, as a matter of fact and we chatted for five or ten minutes, and she went on her way. The person I was with asked me when I had become such good friends with this at the time A- list actress on a network show that ended way too early.

Over the years we would run into each other and always had time for each other. It was a few years after our initial meeting, that I started a long time feud with this model/terrible actress, who really does not like me because she overheard me calling her thirsty, which she is. Well, the model turned actress suddenly started working with my bookstore friend. And, being the thirsty person she is, she started hanging out with the much more famous actress. 

It was during one of those hang out sessions, that I happened to run into the two of them at a lunch place and the actress insisted on me joining them. Of course I accepted, if only to see the model/actress' look for the entirety of the meal. She had no idea I was friends with the actress. 

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