Monday, December 12, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Sleepover

Apparently two days prior to the first day of shooting each season on some, but not all of the shows run by this producer, he would have a sleepover of sorts. It was never planned as a sleepover. It would just end up as one because everyone knew if you slept over, then you would get lots of good lines and lots of scenes each episode. The actors were invited, but it was primarily for the actresses. Even if you didn't sleep over, you had to get in the pool. You also had to wear a bikini. This actress who had a troublesome upbringing says almost every actress would make sure to jump in from the side of the pool and make sure to lose their top. They would surface and act flustered, but the fourth or fifth time it happened, then you knew what was up. Even our actress says she would do it. It didn't matter. Everyone felt like they were being spied on when they changed clothes. They would never say anything negative about the producer in the house. The actress/singer once said she saw 20-30 screen once but was told it was for editing the show. She didn't believe the answer. Nothing happened to you if you slept over, but you knew that whatever you wore, it should be able to reveal a lot of flesh when you bent over or if you moved at all. There were cameras somewhere and you wanted to leave a lasting impression. There was one lesser known actress on the eponymous show and she said she felt like a lot of the actions might have been for other people to look at it in addition to the producer because of comments she would receive from random producers at work during the season. 

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